Roblox Strucid Codes

Roblox Strucid Codes

Our Roblox Strucid Codes has the most up to date list of codes that you can redeem for coins that are frequently used in the game. This is a quick and very easy way to gain up some currency which will help you purchase some cases that can get some pretty sweet cosmetics that if you want to dress up your character more beautiful.

strucid codes

List of Strucid Codes For Roblox

Here’s a look at all of the currently available codes, as well as some you might have missed out on. Make sure to check back often because we’ll be updating this post whenever there are more codes.


  • 5,000 Coins: christmas
  • 5,000 Coins: joehe
  • 5,000 Coins: sup

You can purchase coins to get to buy and open different cases. The higher the amount of the box the higher the rewards. You will get most probably good cosmetics in each case but the diamond box is like wow. That cost a lot but it worth it when you open it.

How to redeem codes in Strucid?

It is a very simple and easy process to redeem your codes in the game. Once you open up the game, you will find the input field for the code on the right side of the screen.

Click on the area that says, “Enter Promo Code” and enter one of the codes form below. Once you’ve got it entered incorrectly. You just hit the enter button then your entered code will be redeemed. We also published an article about Roblox Vehicle Simulator codes, you will also enjoy that too while playing the game.

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