Roblox Social Codes

Social Codes for Roblox is amazing, you will get different types of things by applying the below codes or ids.

Social Codes For Roblox

Meteor Staff87361806
Pretty Pretty Princess Sceptor114020480
Blizzard Wand68354832
Danceblaster 700045941451
Clown Bomb88146497
Annoying Elf: Keith68354853
Staff of Eggstra Large Eggs228588531
Year of the Monkey Lantern359179463
Trollin' Pumpkin62803186
Poison Picnic88143074
Dance Grenade65545955
Watermelon Launcher161230469
Captain Steelshanks Recruiting Staff71597060
Turkey Leg13745494
Ninja Jump Potion46846115
Make It Rain99797403
Picnic Basket52625744
Ninja Blink Potion47597835
Leprechaun Friend74972442
DarkAge Ninjas: Ninja Kitteh60888225
Noble RedCliff Eagle51347716
HotThoth's Voodoo Doll53130896
RobloTim's RobloHunk Potion53130887
Body Swap Potion78730532
Attack Doge257810065
Mr. Whiskers517827962
Pumpkin Bucket17527923
Bunch of Balloons430066424
Brighteyes's Sparkling Shillelagh53130850
Troll Pet88143060
Spray Paint80576967
Decoy Deploy30392263
Cuddly Cat319656339
Disguise-to-Go Watch549915884
Amazing Shrinking Elixir74904396
Black Tie Affair Gun192456288
Baseball Bat55301897
Mr. Wing1074742019
Blue Fidget Spinner928807470
Lightblox Jar113328094
Magic Dragon24659699
Teddy Bloxpin12848902
Roblox Snowglobe 201166896638
Magical Umbrella44115926
April Showers111876831
Red Fidget Spinner928806888
Gear Cloner97161295
ROBLOX U Free Stuff Launcher176087640
Patriot's Monster Truck161282711
Zombie Protest Sign304721834
Lincoln's Golden Rail Splitter445150567
Portable Beach162857357
Panda Friend46846246
Fake C4104642566
Robot Dance Gun467138029
Tiger Friend78367424
Math Homework22788102
Call Me Cellphone88146505
Space Sandwich12547976
Pepperoni Pizza22596452
Birthday Pinata34398938
Club Boates Disco Ball248287898
4th of July 2016 Fireworks445151478
RAIG Table110789105
Pool Noodle164207842
Punk Wrist Cuff122278207
Super Spy Drone987032734
Disco Ball147937284
Ice Potion46362414
Fire Extinguisher31839411
Pirate Juice13477890
School's Out Launcher425121415
Chocolate Milk21392199
Ice Cream57902859
Confetti Cannon34399428
Protest Sign: Save the Zombies21440120
Foam Finger21439965
Throwing Spork107458429
Hot Dog29939404
Dance Potion27858062
Hanukkah Menorah99797327
Regular Carpet236443047
ROBAR eXtreme Chocolate Crunch39258329
Soccer Ball28664212
Chocolate Gelt41457719
Witches Brew10727852
Mardi Gras Necklace Shooter147937415
Hula Dog57983479
A Very Special Monster21439991
Spam Cannon65554735
Hot Chocolate42321801
Protest Sign: Blame John25926517
ninjabart122's ROBLOX Tablet99641902
NY Pizza Frisbee125859483
Battle Wagons!27471379
Robot Friend45513247
Go Fish58574452
enyahs7's ROBLOX Tablet99610601
Apple Pie18426536
Bag O' Noobs32355759
Discus 201288885268
Protest Sign: Noobs22960435
Tee Shirt Cannon80576928
brayden99's ROBLOX Tablet99033296
Bluesteel Midas Hand163354553
Ye Olde Fire Breath Potion163350265
Bubble Trouble1102656209
From the Vault: Alpaca Plushie292969139
Suit Up Gun91360052
Protest Sign: We Want User GUIs Now!15973049
Chimp Friend22960388
Instant Campfire123234510
Moonwalk Dance Potion32353654
Duelling Glove75556791
Monster Friend75941738
Annoying Elf: Ostrichsized66896542
ROBLOX U Foam Finger176219131
ROBLOX Blimp160199141
Barrel O' Monkeys31314849
Formula R Remote Control Car31839203
Race the Sunset76170545
Wooden Dreidel19111883
Jack Frost43245104
8-Bit Duck Friend542184488
Flower Feet226206253
Remote Controlled Monster Truck52180871
Christmas Tree Launcher330296114
Fire Breathing Dragon Friend45941397
Penguin Potion46360821
Shrunken Head44561400
Fluffy Unicorn84012460
Hungry Lion Friend91294485
Time Watch81330766
Quill of the President146047220
8-Bit Frog Friend869123788
Merely's ROBLOX Tablet97756645
Acursed Mummy Hand of Head Shot37347081
Nonmagic Carpet402305186
Banana Peel29100449
ROBLOX Portable Game System (RPGS)58574445
Sleepy Song Bird152233381
Vaulting Pole88143166
Independence Day Fireworks 2015264989911
simoon68's ROBLOX Tablet98970218
Double Cheezburger24686580
Spring Sunshine150363993
Camping Lantern123234545
Scython's ROBLOX Tablet99254437
DailyBasis' ROBLOX Tablet99254241
Protest Sign: Pro Fake Mustache21440056
Crossbow of the Sea236438668
Newtrat's Tuskinator124126871
Gear Recycler236442380
Squid Ink Bomb118281609
Tic Tac Toe Board16924676
Nightfall Elixir94333296
Protest Sign: We'd Rather Have User GUIs Later...15973059
Seranok's Golden Chalice of Fame124126528
Bacon Launcher173781053
mygame43's ROBLOX Tablet98341183
Plad's ROBLOX Tablet98253569
Seranok's ROBLOX Tablet99254203
Tone's Water Polo Ball323192649
Vilicus' ROBLOX Tablet98253626
Princess Mischief's Wand49491716
Mahem's ROBLOX Tablet98253651
d4rk886's ROBLOX Tablet97932897
Gork, Your Caveman Shoulder Friend33732371
Cherry Pie40493590
Snow Storm Cloud189910805
Breakfast Gun163353363
Classic Bucket25162389
From the Vault: Alligator Plushie292969458
Leland the Lolturtle15731350
Adventure Island90242059
ROBLOX Frisbee25158998
Zombie Friend Fred36784258
Military Remote Control Plane103234612
Misfortune Cookie95484354
Dracovin Spell Book49491736
From the Vault: Kawaii Cat292969932
Sparkle Time Lump of Coal138761013
Endless Summer Fireworks162857391
Silly Stilts60357989
TheGamer101's ROBLOX Tablet97886188
Rukiryo's ROBLOX Tablet98253592
Robloxian Clone284135286
2010 Roman Candle20048880
2015 Fireworks190880295
Luckymaxer's ROBLOX Tablet98219158
Fortune Cookie35684857
ROBLOX U Frisbee176087597
Helen The Hiphipapotamus15179006
Bundle of Fireworks161220552
Yellow Card28671909
The Big One!162857422
Battle Sleighs!41855117
Hedgehog Friend76170471
Gear suppressor 777104642700
Cursed Mummy Friend16987194
Frost Potion42845896
TheAmazeman's ROBLOX Tablet99130630
Ogre Friend116055112
Beach Ball25974222
Pumpkin Pi16986805
From the Vault: Dozens of Dinosaurs292970740
Dusek Car42845684
billylones' ROBLOX Tablet99254164
Deluxe Beach Ball112591865
Lunar Lander 2D Game85145662
Goala Cola28672001
Are200's ROBLOX Tablet99254358
First Class Fencing Sword88146486
Paper Sword57229357
Instamatic Tent57229337
Polar Bear93709266
Pot Of Gold24015579
Chameleon Potion61916137
Spinning Robot Helmet467137230
2018 Noisemaker1258015943
2018 Fireworks1258015236
Dragon Companion1320966824
Tiny Elephant1402452608
High Five72644603
hicup789's ROBLOX Tablet97712291
Remote Control Plane69210407

How to apply codes on Roblox?

Like any other codes this will also applied by copy and paste these on the chatbox. We also published an article about Roblox Ranged Codes you will also enjoy that too while playing the game.

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