Roblox Ranged Codes

Ranged codes for Roblox are amazing to use as a weapon. So you can get any codes from the below list.

Ranged Codes For Roblox

Heat Seeking Missile Launcher67747912
Exponential Rocket Launcher90718505
Exploding Arrow Crimson Crossbow221173389
Rocket Launcher32356064
Battle Bottle101106464
Super Rocket Launcher190094159
Remote Mine33383241
Telamon's Foe Hammer53623350
Overseer Crossbow287424705
Sports Victory Blaster75550907
Remote Explosive Detonator74385399
Civil War Artillery174752553
Darksteel Katana of Ancient Illuminators86494893
Steam Engine157205782
Explosive Spy Pen95258660
RC Tank83021197
Laser Guided Missile Launcher110337853
Big Apple Launcher125859385
Flaming Hedgehog Cannon60357972
Killer Bee Launcher163351579
Personal Fighter Jets113299641
Earth Protection Orb236441643
Scroll of Sevenless125013830
2010 Fireworks20064349
Orbital Flute Strike225921650
Glory Launcher 201274385418
Land Shark Shooter118281463
Korblox Mage Staff127506105
Historic 'Timmy' Gun116693764
Red Hyperlaser Gun212296936
Sword of the Epicredness409745306
Luger Pistol95354288
Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light11377306
Brilliant Throwing Knives208659586
Ice Dragon Slayer168141301
NobleDragon's Noble Dragon163995460
Ultraviolet Blaster283756680
Trench Warfare Shotgun94233344
Wraith's Screech Potion73232825
Personal Fighter Jets343587237
Galactic Laser Gun168143042
Tarantula Pet302281291
Red Rebels Paintball Gun26014536
Mauser .9697885552
Darkest Arts Sword147143863
Bald Eagle120749494
Laser Finger Pointers115377964
Orinthian Electroslasher287424278
Attack Ocelot439988813
Zombie Attack Bunny522586178
Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun26017478
Super-G LS33 Disruptor14516975
iLift Two233520425
Mind Controlled Lasers277955084
BB Gun42845609
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Lightning Staff395205750
Earth Summoning Horn236403380
All-Seeing Sentry68603151
Red Panda221173959
Bombo's Bow and Arrow121925044
Fusion Gatling Blaster298087401
Flock of Attack Seagulls236401511
Foul Poison Fowl170896941
Zombie Crossbow304720496
Penguin Horde Attack187840979
The General's .4597885508
Shadowy Ninja Star of the Silent House11115851
Dragon's Flame Sword168140949
Winsome Wizard Wand32355966
Bouquet of Pain Throwing Stars728207067
Deluxe Slime Ray503957703
Zombie Dog121385262
Paintball Pro172246669
Cupcake Launcher34399318
Green Gremlins Paintball Gun27245855
Hot Pepper Launcher273970482
Shuriken of the Clan of the Crescent Moon65546284
Battle Slingshot125013799
Stinky Skunk123234626
Orinthian Blaster 377792628074
Captain's Flintlock17237675
Deluxe Coil Gun503957396
Deluxe Mechatronic Spider300410436
Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum Staff128162713
Raig Chair151291980
Laser Lava Launcher206798405
Super Spy Laser Blaster208659734
HEX Spitter243007180
Paper Ninja Stars498752334
Dart Trap90220371
Stun Grenade88885524
Ne'Kotikoz Phaser61459678
Emerald Scatterblaster 200022969230
Staff of Crimson Chaos Fire32858741
Mystical Griffin215448210
Hockey Stick142498104
Sheriff Steve's Six Shooter25317304
Steampunk Bow and Arrow356213494
Agent 99's Laser Goggles100472084
Confusion's Cauldron56561570
Turkey Cannon40504724
Magmarealm Spear43708943
Year of the Dragon Lantern70476451
Zombie Penguin Attack Horde304720206
Disintergrex Blast Gun18268645
Robo Arm Cannon858740936
Cursed Fire Flame Thrower59175769
Attack Honey Badger122278316
Dual Axe Monsters319656563
The Sea's Revenge71597027
Year of the Snake Lantern106064469
Laser Gun of Tomorrow336370943
Exploding Lab Table154727201
Keith's Vengeance Launcher29532089
Forest Bow and Arrow1060282245
Frozen Blue Ice Crossbow365642085
Magmarealm Crossbow43708954
Stravant's Lightning169669671
Knights of Redcliff: Bow and Arrow49929776
Sword of the Lands183826384
Festive Artemis Bow332755212
Azurewrath's Return59190543
Lightning Wand154727343
Blue Laser Scythe846792499
jmargh's Arm Cannon151311761
Festive Laser Blaster330295904
Telamonster: the Chaos Edge93136746
Fake Chartreuse Periastron Gamma80597060
Mechatronic Spider116040789
Beach Battle Sword112591894
Icicle Cannon20519646
Roman Catapult174752400
JediTkacheff's DeathStar53130867
Snowman Cannon67755215
Steelshanks Armament71597048
8-Bit Throwing Barrel31839260
Galactic Forcefield Glove85879447
Psychokinesis Glove91360081
XLS Mark II Pulse Laser Pistol11999279
Rainbow Laser Blaster343586214
Cobalt Multiblaster365642352
Zeus's Lightning Bolt Staff66416616
Z Ray Gun65082275
Creepy Zombie Monkey71597072
Zephanon Phaser and Shield69567827
Breath of Fire168140516
Holiday Ornament Staff99797357
8-Bit Phoenix163355404
DarkAge Shuriken341109697
Korblox Deathspeaker's Spell Book59848474
Orinthian Falcon92627975
Ninja Darts46846074
Tornado Summoner102705454
All-Seeing Golem's Hammer478707595
Dracovin's Wand56561607
Colossal Blade83704154
Golden Chakram of the Sky Palace47597760
Dreamwalker's Dagger65079090
The Tormentor's Axe61459718
Primeval Crossbow206566653
Sword of Ancalagon62350883
Nova Wand27860496
Spring Crossbow150366320
Retro Shrink Ray336371164
Mythic Sword of the Earth241512134
Icy Arctic Fowl101078559
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Wind Summoner127506257
Festive Dual Plungers332747438
Cupid's Beloved Blade106064277
Ghost Ship155662051
Alien Parasite76170515
ROBLOXIAN Damage Orb103338520
Ice Breaker87361662
Nuclear Winter Icicle Gun22971409
Amerilaser Blaster116693694
Pi RAIG Table148791414
Omega Rainbow Sword287426148
Red Sparkle Time Claymore221181437
Korblox Flying Oblivion Horn101734094
Staff of Celestial Light49491781
Music Blaster152187131
Boss Bunny Bow and Arrow228589017
The Drop152233094
Spectral Sword of Illusions68848741
The Awe Star18010691
Pizza Kunai553937189
Wizards of the Astral Isles: Frog Transformer106701619
Scepter of Divine Indignation35682284
Super Freeze Cannon102705402
Poseidon's Quake Trident54130559
Retro Candy65079094
Fire Breathing Friend610133129
Ultraviolet Laser Oculus113299556
Deep Space Raygun563287969
Sir Scaresalot527383094
Faux Firebrand32858699
Njay's Web Blaster53623295
Unlucky Launcher413200176
Rapid Fire Snowflakes Shuriken188644205
Tiny Pony Stampede257342981
PE Whistle128160832
DarkAge Ninja Bow287425246
Rapid Launch Blaster98411436
Korblox Krossbow59805584
Rail Runner 500079446473
Starfish Shuriken83021236
Sapphire Rapid Fire Shocker108875237
Confusoray 67248596305
Potato Cannon81847365
Penguin Shooter192537346
Toxic Goo Trap79446395
Positronic Arm Cannon48847374
Double Fire Laser Gun183355892
Dual Plungers114690870
Vanishing Ninja Star129471170
Throwing Knife Pen277955605
Staff of Sparks10760425
Laser Electrocutor82357123
Marshmallow Shooter904534058
War Rocks10884288
Horde of Attack Crabs472607575
Accursed Vampire Bat Hand63721711
Conjuror's Fist90718686
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Ballista55917432
Lucky Throwing Axes380204314
Flak Cannon78005022
Green Elf Bow346687267
Horde of Attack Chirps738925737
Yellow Snowball19703476
Orbital Violin Strike183665698
Carrot Slingshot738924664
Candy Cane Bow569676258
Atomic Disintegrator 310013838639
Tri-Laser 333139578207
Helper Cannon84417104
Magical Turkey Wand65979823
Rubber Chicken Wand75550883
Sword of the Waves928794651
Celtic Throwing Stars225921724
Pirate's Flintlock16726984
Bamboo Dart Blowgun51346271
Mythic Sword of the West Wind241017426
Steampunk Steam Gun356212933
Rubber Chicken Launcher121385193
Sword of the Seas155661985
Steampunk Bow184760397
8-Bit Blaster542755101
Mega Mallet746687364
Orinthian Axe147143821
Razor Sharp Looks549914420
Chaos Master's Wing Slasher87361995
Sheriff Finnster's Seven-Shooter49052686
Ghostfire Throwing Daggers64220952
Plunger Launcher295460073
Knights of the Seventh Sanctum : Dual Duel Axes69947367
Bluesea Soarer846794018
Starfish Shooter54130552
Galactic Green Blaster639345143
Torso Cannon85879465
Candy Cane Launcher101078326
Transmorph Ray Gun29099749
Deluxe Snowball Cannon 300067755182
Silver Crossbow174752245
Water Balloon29100543
Mythic Sword of the Tides241017568
Advanced Exploding Lab Table503955938
Halloween Bow and Arrow315573586
Dual Venomshanks158069180
DarkAge Assassin Crossbow86492583
Staff of Staff151292047
Redrune Raider103234296
Steampunk Attack Birds356212121
Magnificent Magenta Paintball Gun30649735
Dark Spellbook of the Forgotten56561579
Burger Launcher236440696
Flaming Mace147143848
Staff of Shifting Polarity61459706
Overseer Smashing Hammer335085355
Hyperlaser Gun130113146
Granny's Crossbow16986649
Redcliff Ballista156467963
Retro Super Villain Laser Gun268533563
Static Shock Sheep621089209
Killer Whale Launcher188643628
Attack Racket718258183
Metal Cog Shuriken157205818
Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum Spellbook128162639
Korblox Battlefield Trap59848509
Attack Raccoon450565762
Wizards of the Astral Isles: Rat Plague Summoner106701564
Bunny Ninja Master Sai233519998
Not-so-friendly Ghost126719093
Elixir of Dreams65082246
Trip Wire97885289
Bear Mine Gun90718350
Atmoblaster 77750937815
Gigantic Crossbow280662667
RC Tiny Tank277954704
Donut Danger160189720
The Overseer's Bow101078524
Overseer Short Sword156467990
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Bow and Arrow55917429
Neon Octopus Cannon257343597
Redcliff Crossbow178076831
Telamax xTreme Dual Shoulder Cannons73265108
Cool Story Air Conditioner119101643
Kami Potion66426498
Hi-Velocity Phaser 570016469499
Beef Wellington Launcher170896461
Ghost Dragon94233391
Spring Launcher150366351
Ninja Whip255800146
DarkAge Ninjas: SunFire Scroll60888200
Artichoke Morning Star273969902
Present Launcher569678090
Hedgehog Horde243788599
Zebra Laser Gun176087466
Super Freeze Ray 201142845853
8-Bit Crossbow869125445
Noxious Chocolate106064315
Robot Guard Dog467935723
Deluxe Dance Ray430065768
Dragon's Breath Potion70476435
Snow and Arrow186868641
Staff of the Raging Storm49491808
Attack Snake Staff220288951
Anchor Cannon155662087
Seagull Friend271017217
Drachenstein The Guardian70476446
Knights of RedCliff: Battle Horn114020505
Lightning Horn of the Heavens321582427
Shark Launcher83021217
Sharp Looking Hat - the Gear100472063
Future Crossbow972187699
Staff of Double Disasters173812248
Fermion Blade50938746
Zombie Axe93536785
Incinerator 6000102705430
EMP Shockmine85879435
Dynamically Lit Sword160198363
Levitating Staff of the Cosmos48596324
Orbital Violin: Deep Freeze583159170
M1 Garand94233286
Meerkat Horde268533320
Boxing Glove Launcher168142620
Triple Plungers161211085
Mystic Sword of the Flames241511828
Crate of Snakes49059364
Flaming Orb of Divine Pain461488745
Dragonshead Cannon70476425
Mimic Cooler892003497
EKoSS Bow and Arrow223785350
Taco Launcher170903868
Neon Rainbow Phoenix261827192
Hot Chocolate Launcher143606363
DarkAge Kunai341108783
Bejeweled Sword of Great Fury204095612
Staff of Neverending Frost66896601
Crossbow of the Blades78665215
Chartreuse Periastron Gamma80661504
Sharp Shark Sword212500257
Ice Staff19704064
Dark Alien Hatchling69567879
Freeze Ray26013203
Trololololo Wand69964719
Zombie Grip Bomb89491407
Laser Throwing Stars218631022
Green Laser Scythe218631128
Red Laser Scythe1609498185
Year of the Dog Lantern1402292509
8-Bit Pumpkin Launcher1132887630
Neon Laser Launcher1180417820
Valentine’s Throwing Stars1149193097
Earth's Might Staff102705386
Pirate Throwing Axes317592936
Makeshift Bow2136389582
Throwing Bolts1492225511
Spell Book of Ice Cold Revenge1241586091
Robo Blaster2045764727
Dynamically Lit Bow and Arrow160198008
Forbidden Box95354259
Director's Clapboard1469850646
The Seventh Snake Spell2136391608
Giant Ninja Star1304339797
Elf Launcher1241585055
Ultimate Summer Soaker1903663829
Golden Shuriken255800783
Blackhole Ray Gun78005009
Poisonous Butterfly117498793
Teapot Launcher1760404984
Spider Horde1103012605
Hand Cannon33867016
Korblox Bone & Arrow95951270
Lightning Orb72644629
Orinthian Crossbow1587175338
Frozen Throwing Knives1215515248
Skipper Seal155696189
Giant Ice Bow1402445648
Evil Green Science Goo154727487

How to apply these codes on Roblox?

The process is simple as you apply different codes on it, it will also the same process. Just you need to copy and paste in the chatbox and you are good to go. We also published an article about Roblox Navigation Codes you will also enjoy that too while playing the game.

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